Stephen Trimble

writer, educator, photographer, conservationist

Stephen Trimble's most personal book, LEAVE ME ALONE FOREVER, reconstructs his brother’s tragic story, traces the currents of community and family that shaped their mother, and searches for the empathy he never felt as a youth. Trimble's journey of self-discovery will resonate with all readers who have a family member or friend touched by mental illness.


"Stephen Trimble's books comprise one of the most well-rounded, sustained, and profound visions of people and landscape that we have ever seen in the American West.” James Aton, environmental historian

"Trimble is one of America's best naturalist writers; nobody else produces prose that is quite so pure, spare, beautiful and clean.” The Gulch blog

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As writer, editor, and photographer, Trimble has published more than twenty award-winning books in a career that spans nearly four decades.  

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Montana writer Myron Brinig once wrote of Steve's photography (full disclosure: Myron is Steve's great-uncle!): "His camera is not only his brain but his heart."

For reproduction rights and prints, contact Steve for a submission from his tens of thousands of images.  

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